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July 2023

BCS Preliminary Syllabus – English Language and Literature 1050 168 Preparation Corner

BCS Preliminary Syllabus – English Language and Literature

BCS Preliminary 200 Marks MCQ exam consists of 35 questions from English Language and Literature subject. Out of 35 questions in English Language and Literature subject, 20 questions are from English Language and 15 questions are from English Literature. The mark distribution of English language and literature subjects is given below:

English Language and Literature: 35

01.PART-I : Language20
A.Parts of Speech :
The Noun : The Determiner, The Gender, The Number, The Pronoun
The Verb :
i. The Finite : transitive, intransitive.
ii. The Non-finite : participles, infinitives, gerund, The Linking Verb, The Phrasal Verb, Modals.
The Adjective, The Adverb, The Preposition, The Conjunction.
B.Idoims & Phrases :
Meanings of Phrases, Kinds of Phrases, Identifying Phrases.
C.Corrections :
The Principal Clause,
The Subordinate Cluse : The Noun Clause, The Adjective Clause, The Adverbial Clause & Its Types.
D.Corrections :
The Tense, The Verb, The Preposition, The Determiner, The Gender, The Number, Subject-Verb Agreement.
E. Sentences & Transformations :
The Simple Sentence, The Compound Sentence, The Complex Sentence, The Active Voice, The Passive Voice, The Positive Degree, The Comparative Degree, The Superlative Degree.
F.Words :
Meanings Synonyms Antonyms Spellings Usage of words as various parts of speech Formation of new words by adding prefixes and suffixes.
G. Composition :
Names of Parts of paragraphs/letters/applications.
02.PART-II : Literature15
H.English Literature :
Names of writers of literary pieces from Elizabethan period to the 21st Century.
Quotations from drama/poetry of different ages.
Total Mark35

For BCS preliminary preparation, if all these subjects of English language and literature are prepared very well, it is possible to get common questions.

Source: BPSC

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